INALTRA is a private company, founded at the beginning of the automotive industry in Colombia by a group of Colombian entrepreneurs and investors.  The Company started operations officially on October the 3rd 1961. Original parts for Austin and Simca motor vehicles and products for home appliances were the first metal mechanic products manufactured.

In the year 1965, the company moved to the industrial area of Puente Aranda. After six months, the warehouses were built and the operation was moved to the new headquarters. During the next years, INALTRA consolidated its position as a company with the production of original auto parts for Fiat, Dodge and Renault, and subsequently, manufacturing parts for Mazda, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, Isuzu, Suzuki, Opel, Toyota, Hino and Yamaha, recognized brands for car and motorcycle manufacturers in Colombia and the entire world.

In 1999 INALTRA overcome the automotive industry crisis successfully, and started an ambitious strengthening plan to face the challenges of globalization. This project was developed in two years, and by the end of December 2002, had been fully implemented.

Today, INALTRA main strategy is based on the consolidation of our position as automotive original equipment manufacturer and the search for other markets with our own label brand products. Manufacturing of racks to install telecommunications and data processing equipment, and metal doors for the construction industry, are a good example of this diversification strategy.

To enhance our global competitiveness and accordingly to this strategy, in 2006 INALTRA began the development of the Management Model for Competitiveness (MGC). The MGC seeks to increase efficiency in quality, cost and timing. It is a joint initiative of all motor-vehicle assemblers in Colombia, having the financial support of some government agencies.